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The Safari Academy strive to educate our youth on nature and wildlife with the goal to create future conservation ambassadors from a young age - change starts with our youth. This is why we have partnered up with brands that share our vision for conservation and education.


The Conserv Group is a conservation and luxury tourism based entity that combines all that is necessary to drive a new age in an interactive travel experience. There are three divisions: is an NGO focusing on supporting hand-picked organisations and individuals that are making a real difference in Africa. This is something guests can choose to be a part of, but we as a business will make sure that we uphold and support these organisations. This is primarily for giving back and helping where help is needed. is a division that focuses on the future leaders and conservation heroes of our world. We will tailor make customised safari’s and programmes for young teenagers that teach them the real fundamentals of life, where they fit in and how they can make a difference. The raw power of nature and the effect it exudes will be the driving force behind this, along with top safari guides, life  and yoga coaches and anyone else we feel can help. This is a real powerful tool in helping young adults. is the division where we custom design fully inclusive luxury safaris that incorporate all the values described above. They will be privately guided by one of our experienced guides who will help unlock the true potential of each area that is visited. Through our vast experience of what this continent has to offer and having been to all these wonderful places ourselves, we know the incredible beauty of what is out there. 

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